Desarae Skinner


  • Calculus II SI Leader

Major: Mathematics Secondary Education, Minor: French

Hometown: Meridian, MS

What clubs or organizations are you a part of?
Hands & Feet, Association of Educators

What do you enjoy most about being at MSU?
The community on campus and how welcoming everyone always is! Also, the many ways that you can get involved on campus and meet new people.

What is the most important advice that you would give students?
Don't stress yourself out too much! Make sure that you get out and make new friends and allow yourself time to have fun and downtime to balance out your busy schedule. A positive attitude always helps best!

Why should students go to SI?
SI is such a great opportunity to make sure you are successful in your class! I have enjoyed the chance to be able to get extra help and have test reviews to help reassure myself on the material! Going to SI can really make a huge difference on your comfort with class and honestly just doing better overall. You can also make friends in your classes!