Sam Mansell


  • Calculus II SI Leader

Major: Biochemistry with a Pre-Med Concentration

Hometown: Tupelo, MS

What clubs or organizations are you a part of?
Brickfire Mentoring, Pre-Health Ambassadors, Volunteers Around the World

What do you enjoy most about being at MSU?
The people. With just a little effort, it is so easy to find a group of friends that you fit in with. From the moment I stepped foot on campus, I felt like I was at home.

What is the most important advice that you would give students?
No matter what happens, never give up. Each semester has its ups and downs. When things aren’t going well, try not to focus too much on the negatives. Good things always follow!

Why should students go to SI?
Students should go to SI because it is a great opportunity to supplement the material learned in lecture. It’s free and anonymous, so there is no reason not to!