Erin Matthews


  • Calculus I SI Leader

Major: Biochemistry with a Pre-Med Concentration

Hometown: Tupelo, MS

What clubs or organizations are you a part of?
Chi Omega Sorority, Biochemistry Club, Lambda Sigma Honor Society, Gamma Beta Phi, Volunteers Around the World

What do you enjoy most about being at MSU?
I personally love the community that Mississippi State offers to all students of all different backgrounds, cultures, and personalities. I have found my best friends here, and I love that we can cultivate friendships as well as push each other academically. I truly feel at home here, and I can say that every student and faculty member at Mississippi State wants to see me succeed. 

What is the most important advice that you would give students?
My biggest advice to any student in any major would be to truly understand the material on a deeper level than memorization. Many students get caught up in the belief that if they can recall it easily, then they have learned it, which does not prove true on real life applications of the material. Truly understanding the material is the key to succeeding in any class. 

Why should students go to SI?
It is a great way for students to practice the material more and break down specific topics that may be more difficult to understand at first glance. The most unique but also interesting part of SI is that it is led by students who have been in the current students' position and can relate to the struggle that they may be enduring, and I think that the relatability will really help any student want to understand the topic more.